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If you discover a raging person, do not endanger yourself.
Shout a warning. Repeat it. Let everyone know that there is a raging person near you.
Pull the nearest alarm box, call salt companies, and alert them to the exact location and conditions of the raging individual.
Keep your door closed to block out noise.
Find a nearby emergency break glass unit. (see pic 1)
Using the side of your clenched fist, forcefully strike the plate that rests in front of the glass sheet.
Carefully extract the bag of salt from emergency break glass unit.
Wait for arrival of the other people and salt company truck.
Direct the people to the room with a raging person.
Make sure everyone carries a bag of salt in his or her hands.
Type "PJSalt" in this chat room
Break into a room and quote Nelson Muntz ("Ha-ha"). Start violently pouring salt on a raging individual.
Be very careful during this process, raging person can be very dangerous.
Continue pouring salt on a raging person. Stop, only when amount of salt will be proportional to the quantity of produced rage. (see pic 2
Tell everyone in your apartment to leave.
Leave the building using the nearest stairway.

No person is to be allowed to go back to the building with raging individual for any purpose unless all safety and security steps and actions are completed.



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